Posted by: Adrion Smith | Saturday, May 31, 2008

That Ain’t NO CAKE!!!!!

I know i’ll late but when you see results my falled attempt at this months Daring Bakers challenge, Opera Cake you understand.

I guess I started to0 late and then tried to rush through it, not giving it the attention it deserved.  It’s sad because I was really excited about this challenge.  It had so many great elements like white chocolate and an ingredient I’d never used before almond meal.

Anyway, my buttercream and ganosh were runny, and my cake a bit grainy. it was just a mess!!!

I’m taking this one as a loss, and hope to perform better on my next challenge.



  1. You completed it, and it sounds like you learned from it… so while it may not be a win, this isn’t a loss. The loss would have been in the lack of trying.

  2. At least you tried. Better luck with June’s challenge. They just announced it today.

  3. Better luck next time!
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

  4. What the heck is this?!?! You don’t blog or bake for months, and when you finally get back into it you make a mess. You didn’t even mention this disaster in conversation, but I guess I can see why. Hopefully you’ll get it right and do a better job next month.

  5. What a shame, so sorry you had a flop – but I bet most of us has! Just jump back on the wagon and try again. Thanks for being honest about your experience…helps me to know I’m not the only one that can mix up a disaster sometime! 😉

  6. okay so try again…I’m available for testing! Get some new posts up here!

  7. You only lose if you don’t try! Better luck next time!

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