Posted by: Adrion Smith | Monday, October 29, 2007

Pie, Cake Whaterever, It’s Good

π indeed!!! 

(that’s suppose to be the symbol for pi, things just never show the way you want them to <sigh>, such is life)

I kinda like to think of this months Daring Bakers challenge, hosted by Ms. Mary of Alpineberry, as a pie with it’s guts on the outside.  It’s called a Bostini Cream Pie, and no, you are not the only one who scratched his head upon reading that one.

This “mini” dessert is a twist on the Boston Cream Pie and was created by Donna Scala and Kurtis L. Baguley of Bistro Don Giovanni  and rated the top recipe in 1996 by the San Francisco Chronicle.  I say, “mini” because although an individual dessert it ain’t small by any means.  It’s essentially vanilla custard topped by an orange chiffon cake, drizzled with chocolate.  MMMMMMM YEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

My first thought, since this “pie” would have to be prepared in multiple stages using about 8-10 ramekins was, “where am I going to get all these ramekins”.  Fortunately (at least in this instance),  I am a little on the impulsive side.

About eight years ago, our local K-Mart here in Laurel, MD was in the middle of an everything must go, going out of business sale.  Among the many other things I brought (including a grill, more on that another time) were 10 Martha Stewart Living ramekins, that were, yes, sitting in my basement up until the day I made this dessert.

So before I go on, allow me to extend a sincere thank you to Mary for this months challenge. Which goes a long way in validating my compulsion and allows me to give an answer to my wife who keeps asking when I’m going to stop buying all this junk that I never use.

Thank you Mary.

You can find the recipe on Mary’s blog, Alpineberry. The recipe may seem a bit intimidating when you first read it, but it’s actually pretty easy if you take your time and complete it one stage at a time. 

The hardest part for me were the chiffon cakes, only because I had never made one before and it looked weird and loose in its batter stage. But, as always I trusted the recipe and they came out beautifully.

This is a definite “dinner party” dessert.  Not something you want to make with the intent of bringing to someone the next day.  So have some good company over and give it a shot. 

They’ll think you’re a genius!!!

Side view




  1. You’re right, this is definitely a dessert to wow your next dinner party, well done!

  2. It looks wonderful! Great job on this challenge!

  3. Adrion, Great job 😉 Thanks for visiting my site. Go Yankees! (not this year, of course..haha)

  4. Very pretty, and your chiffon cake looks so light and fluffy…great job! 🙂

  5. Beauitful! Yummy job Id say!

  6. I can’t believe you not only had the requisite number of ramekins, but you knew where to find them in the recesses of your basement! Great bostinis.

  7. What delicious bostini’s you have here. Yum!

  8. Anything that allows us cooks to “validate” our kitchen purchases is a very good thing! Great job on the bostinis!

  9. Look at the puffy high cake!! Great job!!!

  10. it looks so decadent and regal with all the chocolate glaze flowing on the sides 🙂 great job!

  11. hahahahaaa! My husband say the exact same thing everytime I buy something for the kitchen. heee!

    Your bostini looks SO GOOD! Very impressive dessert to be sure. =)

    Well done!!


  12. Yum! I’ll take one for breakfast please!

  13. Great job on the bostinis. I used to have a horrible habit of buying things “because you never know when you might need it!” Moving a lot helps to kill that urge (that is, if you hate moving as much as I do!) Still, every now and again 😉

  14. Simply beautiful. I’m glad you got a chance to use your ramekins.

    Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

  15. THese look great! You did a good job.

  16. Isn’t it wonderful when you buy something and it comes in handy a while later! Great job on your Bostinis!

  17. Funny post! Who knew that those ramekins would come in so handy. Your dinner guests would be right BTW…those are great looking bostinis!

  18. Omg, that looks so good! I wish I didn’t have to miss this month’s challenge…

  19. Fabulous Job! and that Martha…always comes through! They look really great!

  20. Gosh Adrion your Bostini are just right (and boy are you right about the portions of this “little” baby). It’s amazing how something you’ve had for all those years without using can come through at a time like Bostini!
    Hope you wife likes the November challenge and you just keep that “always I trusted the recipe”. Hope it’s a good recipe!
    Welcome to the DB.

  21. Mmmm, it looks great, especially your cake! It looks so puffy and yummy! Great job!

  22. Looks great – and you’re right about it being a dinner party thing, rather than something to just have sitting around the house! 🙂

  23. Congrats! Great looking Bostini! Oh, and I tend to collect kitchen gear, too, though I had to go out and buy ramekins for this challenge. Go figure! 🙂

  24. II with it’s guts on the outside, indeed! Glad Martha was there for you when you needed her… and *clearly* you needed those on-sale ramekins way back when, you just didn’t know why! 🙂

    Congratulations… beautiful Bostini!

  25. Great that an old purchase came in so handy!
    Nice work!

  26. Beautiful Bostini- I like how it sits proudly atop your custard in that redeemed ramekin purchase!

  27. I appreciate you trying to make the pi symbol…I’m a math geek.
    Well done on your challenge.

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