Posted by: Adrion Smith | Sunday, September 30, 2007


My first foray into the world of the Daring Bakers was a good one.  Maybe they were trying to take it easy on a rookie. But, while I have to say this was a pretty simple, straight forward recipe that resulted in something absolutely delicious!

My first challenge….

Cinnamon Buns!!!

No, they’re not the ooey gooey Cinnabon variety, but a light, lemony offering that was almost refreshing to eat.

If your going to make these have some time on your hands, because there is a lot of waiting.  Where talking 3.5 hours of proofing.  But, as this is football season (my Eagles really stink right now) I found a way to pass the time.

What’s proofing you ask?  It’s just a fancy way of saying, ‘let the dough rise’, and it’s really an amazing thing to watch.  Here’s the dough before and after the first two hours of proofing.

Before After

And here are the buns before and after the last proofing and before going in the oven.


The best part about being at this point is that you just have 20 minutes of baking to go.

OK, truth be told.  I just watch the Eagles lose in embarrassing fashion to the Giants.  I promise, I’ll flesh this out a little more tomorrow. My heart just ain’t in it right now.



  1. The buns look great – too bad about the Eagles, though 😦

  2. They look good to me! Great job!

    The waiting got to me as well. My go-to cinnamon bun recipe proofs half the time of these. But the outcome was well worth it.

  3. Looks like you’re off to a flying start, my friend! Feel free to bring a batch to brunch at our place next week!

    12 sacks and no Westbrook = no chance. Sorry, bro.

  4. great job on your first challenge!! Those are huge BUNS!! Welcome to the group

  5. The end result looks mighty tasty!! Great job on your first challenge!

  6. Great job on your first challenge! I´m glad you liked the results.

  7. Congratulations on completing your first challenge! Your buns are gorgeous!

  8. Sorry about the Eagles.. but your buns look hellacious – and HUGE! hehe

    An excellent first challenge, Adrion! I hope you enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next month!


  9. Great success on your first challenge! WTG! That had to make up for your team’s loss. Welcome to the DBs!

  10. Yum! Such beautifully glazed cinnamon rolls!

  11. Your cinnamon buns looks gorgeous…beautifully glazed and I like the added touch of slices of apple alongside. 🙂 What a terrific weekend breakfast treat these would be!

  12. Rookie or no, your cinnamon buns look great. And tell your Eagles to buck up — how else will the Pats be able to smoke them at the Superbowl?

  13. Sadly, our Forty Niners aren’t doing much better. We watched both “our” game and yours on Sunday, and drowned our sorrows in Guinness and Cinnamon Buns (but not simultaneously).

    I’m glad you joined us and look forward to facing future challenges together.

  14. Sorry about your Eagles. Never good when your team does poorly. But you have some great looking buns!

  15. Wow, the apple slices really put the size of these beauties into perspective! That’s a gorgeous bun! And I love your orange bowl.

    Sorry about your Eagles. But not too sorry–I live in Phoenix, so I feel a bit sorrier for myself.

  16. Sadly enough, it seems you can’t have it all: see it like this: at least you got instant cinnamon reward.

  17. Congrats, looks like the buns turned out quite nicely!

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